Thursday, February 14, 2008

Don't tell momma, I voted for Obama!


"I believe America stands on the edge of a great gulf of opportunity. We have a chance to throw off the stifling control of our nation by the powerful and claim it once again for the common man."

Thus spoke the old preacher after listening to a speech by Barack Obama.

"I firmly believe that John McCain is either under the control of the military-industrial complex, or he and his pro-war cronies drive that mechanism. And, I firmly believe that Hillary Clinton, though very well intentioned (for the most part) is beholden to the very power centers she claims she wants to reform."

"One man stands apart from those overwhelming forces," continued the old preacher. "One man has captured the imagination of the informed middle-class. One man has been gifted by God with the vision, the sinewy strength and the discerning wisdom to lead us across, or through, that gulf--which so long has boundaried us on the shore.

"I have waited for this man for nigh fifty years. I appeal to you, America, do not let this moment slip away because you did nothing to support this man.

"Vote, yes; but more than that, find a way to work for his success. Go to work for America's future. Go to work for Barack Obama.

A criticism levelled by Hillary Clinton toward Barack Obama is that he is full of promises, but short on solutions. Clinton says Obama has no specifics, no plans for what he wants to accomplish or details on how to carry them out.

You are invited to read Obama's specific, detailed proposals on: civil rights, disabilities, the economy, education, energy, environment, faith, family, fiscal policy, foreign policy, healthcare, homeland security, immigration, Iraq, rural, service to country, seniors, Social Security, technology, veterans, and others.
Go to Obama's website and click on Issues.

It is necessary to spell out one's intentions, however this election is less about specific intentions and more about the overall thrust and style of leadership. This election is about the middle class and how the major corporations can be helped (guided by a new tax policy) to unleash their ability to revive the American enonomy. This election is about a turnover in the administrative, bureaucratic mind set which has been channeled by the Bushes and Clintons for the last twenty years.

The tens of thousands who rally to hear Obama speak, do not come to be informed about health care or social security. They come to be inspired with the hope that it is not too late. Not too late for America to turn the page from the economic plunder of the middle class to a balanced healthy economic structure. They come to hear the promise that their brothers, sisters, sons and daughters might be brought home from the Middle East. They come to gain confidence for the fight, to be filled with hope, to be united with the chant, "Yes, We Can".

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